It's Our One Year Anniversary!

Dear TerrifiCollars family,

Thank you for such a successful first year of business!

When Lauren and I first started this business, we weren't sure if anyone would even want to buy our products. Honestly, we doubted we could run a successful business; especially since we figured that only our close friends and family would be our customers. I mean, let's be honest, starting a business is hard and scary. Now, we have at least a few orders a day! The first prototype we made, and thought was amazing, now completely differs from our current products.

Over the year, we started selling cat collars, leashes, harnesses, kitty kickers, and even face masks. Our most popular product became our 'Donald Trump Kitty Kicker', and we sold one almost everyday! As soon as 'The Mandalorian' released, the novelty kitty kicker's popularity was quickly overcome by our 'Baby Yoda' dog collar. 

This year has shown both Lauren and I that if you have the support of amazing family and friends, as well as work hard at it, anything is achievable. We are completely overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone that helped and supported us during this terrific adventure. We truly could not have done it with out all of your love and support. 

Here's to many more terrific collars, leashes, and kickers. 


Here is our first collar, 'The Moby': 

'The Moby' -Our first collar prototype

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