Meet Our Team!

Meet Our Team!

What started out as a COVID-19 quarantine hobby, has turned into a thriving small business. Not only are we learning how to run a business, we're paying our way through college (and buying the occasional makeup and jewelry, of course!) 

Our Creative, the one responsible for all our terrific patterns and products, is Lauren! Lauren loves dogs and cats equally... (Although, Morgan thinks that it's impossible to do so...) In her free time, Lauren loves to bake, drink ranch with any food, drive around in her convertible, and hang out with our animals (and of course, her wonderful business partner.) She also likes all things Disney, and has been building her ear collection. 

Our Suit, the one responsible for the day-to-day stuff like financials, social media, and running the business, is Morgan. Morgan absolutely loves all animals; however, she is certainly biased towards cats. If Morgan isn't working on the business, she loves to read, embroider, hang out with the pets, and online shop (her weaknesses are stickers, jewelry, and makeup.) Just like Lauren, she love all things Disney (it kinda runs in the family.) 

Steve is a serious and stern guy. He likes things done by the book and within a reasonable timeframe. Although he doesn't like to admit it, he's a big lover. #don'tdillydally

Andy, although in a more managerial role, models our collars. He won't admit it, but he's mastered the Blue Steel. When he's not managing the accounts, he's cuddling. #isthereroomforme

Teddy, AKA 'The Bears', is our model and in-house biscuit maker. He's incredibly playful and carefree. If he's not making biscuits, he's asking for treats. #treatsplease

Myles is one of our models and assistants! He is an outgoing, lovable guy. If he's not barking at squirrels, he's napping in a pile of blankets. His favorite treat is peanut butter. #willworkforpeanutbutter

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Hi Lauren, we met at the ESRA function in Industry and just wanted to let you know Beau received his red snood on Saturday. Good news is it’s well-made and of a nice sturdy material. Bad news is although we measured together, still definitely too large and Beau is disappointed, especially because it’s so damn cute. I don’t personally know any other floppy eared dogs so will donate to our local rescue. Create Sm Med and Lg snoods for your site! I’m sure you’ll get lots of buyers. I saw only collars and masks on it. BTW, I love your packaging…so beautiful. Best of luck. Your products are very good looking and I’m sure you’ll be successful.
Yvonne and Beau 😊


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