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I'm Melting -Dog Leash

I'm Melting -Dog Leash

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This cheery showman pattern will leave you wanting to go below zero and hide from the sun. Surrounded by snowflakes, the snowmen with carrot noses, black hats, and green checkered scarves are prominent in this dark red pattern. Hopefully, the snowmen’s scarves don’t make them melt and leave them saying, “why’d it have to be so pippin’ hot?”

We offer a matching collar to this leash, so don't forget to check it out! All our collars are 1-inch wide and adjustable. We offer small, medium, and large, but are happy to make custom sizes, just send us an email at

Our handmade leashes feature a heavy-duty metal spring-loaded hook that attaches to the D-ring on your pet's collar. Every leash is 1 inch wide and five feet long and has a D-ring at the handle to attach keys, poop bags, or anything else you need.

If your preferred product(s) size or hardware says out of stock, don't fret! Just contact us and we will do our best to make the paw-fect collar for you!

Care Instructions

Handwash using dish or hand soap in warm water. For extra dirty products, soak in warm water before washing.

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